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Why US English only?

I sure would like to join, but I am NOT going to switch my OS language just because.

Why oh why does it NEED to be US English only?



Re: Why US English only?

For testing purposes it is easier to just test the program in the language it is developed in. Porting to other languages takes time and resources that are better used in producing a clean product to begin with. Once the product has been tested, then the porting to other languages can be undertaken. 

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: Why US English only?

I agreed peterweb. US english is a common language worldwide. For testing team it become easier to test a product in language it is developed. Another thing is that if there is some concern with the product, it can be handled shortly in its native language.

Rest if you still feel uncomfortbale with the setup, you can contact it's help support. 

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