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US format dates for renewal

Norton products are available across the world, not just the US. I live in Australia. We use dates in the format DDMMYY or day, month, year. US uses month, day, year. In my account I have renewal dates 7/8/2019 and 4/9/2019. To Australians, this reads 07 August 19 and 04 September 19. Now I know Norton doesn't mean this, but rather July 08 2019 and April 09 2019.

I figured that out because I have another date 11/17/2015. This one gives it away. But the first 2 are ambiguous.

Please Norton, express your dates using alphabetic characters for the month for the benefit of non USA users.

Thus the above dates could be expressed as Jul 08 2019 etc. That way you can continue to go month, day, year as you prefer to in the US.


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Re: US format dates for renewal

I agree with you I am in New Zealand, and sometimes I get confused with the USA dates as they do it from month then day, where are in ANZ we do it day then month.  The formatting needs to accommodate us too.