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phishing/scam email

I received this today. Something I feel you all need to be aware of as I didn’t initiate this. However they are going about it, they have somehow managed to find out my actual email is associated with Norton Lifelock. Just letting you all know in case Norton doesn't send out an email about it; I asked them to when I contacted customer support and identified this to them.

Wed 2/10/2021 11:24 AM


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Re: phishing/scam email

Thank you for reporting it here and you did well to recognize immediately it was a scam.

As for them knowing your email is associated with Norton may not be true. What many of these scammers do is send out millions of e-mails just like the one you received to addresses they have acquired in many different ways and they are bound to hit home on a fair percentage of Norton users. The key is as you did to not act impulsively and to recognize the falsity and let others know.

Thanks again.


Re: phishing/scam email

I asked them to when I contacted customer support and identified this to them.

This usually just confirms that yours is a valid email!

Although you appear to know the answer I've asked a moderator to confirm whether this is genuine even if spam.

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