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Norton is a SCAM

I have been signed up for LifeLock, now NortonLifeLock for almost a year now and I have realized this is nothing but a SCAM.

I tried to sign up both my wife and I.  We could not sign her up for some reason and I tried for MONTHS to get a hold of a human being to help. All to no avail. Not a single person, after the first person I spoke with, ever talked to me, emailed me, called me, etc. NOTHING. 

Then I got an alert a month ago. Someone had supposedly tried to open an account. So I clicked on the "Not Me" link and was informed that someone would call or email soon to follow-up.  I heard NOTHING!! So what is the purpose of this account?

Finally, frustrated, I tried to get someone on the phone - NOPE. I tried to email. Did I get an answer - NOPE.  So lastly, I'm venting my frustration on this forum to see if maybe I can save another unsuspecting individual from going through the same thing. This is NOTHING BUT A SCAM. Don't trust it.  Their Customer Service is all foreign-based, not U.S. based as they claim. And their Customer Service is in-name only. They will not do a thing for you.  They just have a good marketing plan, not a good product.  



Re: Norton is a SCAM

We'll try to call attention. 

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