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I recently renewed Norton 360, and it's set up with Auto Pay so that I can use Norton Utilities Premium again. I have followed all the steps down to saving the "Key" so that I can update it in program in the upper right corner by clicking on the  ? question mark, selecting "about" and then updating the key. At this point, it says "Norton Utilities Active" but then the program never becomes active. Under "My subscriptions" it says that it is "disabled". I have uninstalled and reinstalled this software 3 or 4 times trying fix this issue. Now I am about ready to uninstall and ask for a refund and move on to something else. I have wasted upwards of 8 or 9 hours of my weekend on this.  Please help

Norton 360 Premium 1

Norton Utilities Premium

Windows 11

Error message says Re-Activate, which I have done, as directed, multiple times.

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Re: activate utilities premium

Apparently Norton has changed the free NUP with 360 auto renewal. They are no longer offering the free NUP. The original offer was good for as long as you kept auto renew enabled. But it was changed to end when the original subscription period ended. Even if you did allow the auto renew to take place. 

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