Norton Family not working on Redmi (Android) phone

I have installed Norton Family on two PCs and two Android devices used by my son. On three devices it works fine. On his Redmi Note 8T phone, the application shows zero time use and does not monitor searches, web activity, application use, or video. It only monitors new installations of applications.

If we activate the Norton Family application on the phone manually, it works for a few minutes and then ceases to monitor.

The program shows all required permissions in place. 


Accepted Solution

Re: Norton Family not working on Redmi (Android) phone


Thanks for reaching out to Norton Support Forum.

From our backend logs, we have noticed that you have logged in to your Redmi Note 8T as a Parent. Could you kindly recheck and ensure that the app in your Redmi device is logged into as Child so as to enable all supervision features to work effectively. Please refer to support document and video mentioned below for assistance in this regard.

Support Document: App Intallation Guide
Support Video: How to install Norton Family Child App on Android

However, if the issue still persists, please try the fix mentioned below.

In some Redmi devices, we have seen that the block screen gets shown only when "Display Pop-up window while running is background" option is enabled. This option is generally available in application settings (Settings -> Apps -> Permissions -> Other Permissions->Norton Family)

Please enable the option and restart the device for the changes to get reflected. Lets us know if this worked

Thanks and regards,
Norton Family Team.


Re: Norton Family not working on Redmi (Android) phone

hello, changing those premission settings did fix the problem. thank you

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