Norton Identity on Android

I have had Norton 360 for some time but not until today did I add Identity on my phone. I don't remember installing it and it still says Install but it must be installed now as I see it now says on my phone  in the Identity section MONITORING. Can I get rid of it now as I am not sure I want it? Could someone explain why I should have or not have it and if it says monitoring is it installed. I don't know if it is installed on my computer.


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Re: Norton Identity on Android

The Identity feature in 360 Android has been there for some time now. It is not something you install separately. If you have 360 installed on your computer, you also have the Dark Web monitoring feature. 

By default, the only thing monitored is your email associated with your Norton Account. This information is monitored for activity on the Dark Web. You can add additional items you want to monitor them. But you cannot 'uninstall' the feature.

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