Adding India to the noton VPN region list

I have taken a paid yearly subscription of VPN assuming that you will be allowing us to connect to Indian region too. But unfortunetly after taking yearly suscription I came to know that India is not in the Norton VPN's region list. I stay in UAE and this country is one of the most cencored country in the world but you offer your VPN services here but why can't you offer the same VPN service in india? As I am unable to connect to India through your VPN so I can not access few Indian websites- which requires location to be present in India- from UAE. Could you please address this issue and tell how to add India in the VPN's region list? I am planning to take full Noton 360 services for my PC and Mobile but due to this single issue of India being missing from the VPN's regions list is forcing me to consider other options. I love Norton services that you offer and I want to take your full-fledged services but this simple issue is forcing me to reconsider my decision.

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Re: Adding India to the noton VPN region list

The Indian government wanted all VPN providers to log user activity. Norton is a no log product and as such refused to change the product.  Here is the announcement about this.

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