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why is it only days and not a date when it expire like in Norton Utilities



Re: norton 360 page has SUBSCRIPTION EXPIRES ON : date.

FWIW ~ last info I have: Active vs Days Remaining

The difference between these two is that when you were enrolled for the Automatic Renewal service then, the product will show you the Active sign and when you are not enrolled in Automatic Renewal service then, it will show you the updated number of days.
If you are getting Active then, you just have to click on Active to find out the number of days.

Automatic Renewal On = Active (click on Active for # days)
Automatic Renewal Off = Days Remaining

Subscription Status will be show "Active" if Auto Renewal is enabled in Norton Account.
*If Auto Renewal is off and remaining days is more than 1099 days then subscription status is shown as "Active".


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sill nicer if it is a date and not days