Merge Norton account and forum account

I had a Norton account and created an additional forum account years ago. They have different mail addresses. Meanwhile you can only have one account for both things. Is there any chance to merge my two accounts? I found the thread, but none of the 3 scenarios there fit my situation, I'm missing scenario #4. ;)

Is this something the Norton support (e.g. via chat) can do? Or is there any forum staff member who can do this? Or is it impossible? I neither want to lose my subscription, nor my forum postings from the old account. Currently I'm writing from my subscription account.

EDIT: Or is "Scenario #2" suitable for my case? It seems to me that this will create another Norton account, so I have two. That's not what I want.


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Re: Merge Norton account and forum account

  @6325b7b013628, Welcome back to Norton Community . I have sent you a private message requesting details on your two Community profiles. 

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