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does password manager actually do anything on an iphone?

i have password manager installed in chrome on my pc and i have the app installed on my iphone. i have been able to download the vault to the iphone and can see the user ids and passwords that were used in chrome on the pc. but if i want to access one of those sites, for example my bank, via their iphone app, can i use norton password manger to log me in via the app? or do i still have to remember the user id and password for the bank and manually enter it into the iphone app? if so, doesn't that negate using strong passwords as i have to use the same user id and password on both the chrome website and the phone app? 



Re: does password manager actually do anything on an iphone?

For most of the Banks, their websites are design with many restrictions, one such restriction is not to get LOG-IN ID/password saved in browser itself, rather memorise it.

Small Banks allow such.

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Re: does password manager actually do anything on an iphone?

i'm really struggling with this! why should i want to download the password vault to a mobile device (iphone)? what can i use it for? is it an even bigger security risk? 

i have the norton password manager working just fine on my pc. and i have it installed on my iphone. when i make a change up on the pc i see that it gets synced down to the iphone. but what can i do with all the password info on the iphone. i access the websites via the iphone by using their apps, not a web browser. and the password info on the iphone is not used to autocomplete the signin info on the iphone app. 

but even more scary is that you can open the iphone password manager and browse all the password manager info for all the sites i visit on the pc. it shows the site URL, user id, and password. and it does this without requiring you to enter the password vault master password. so you entire password vault is just sitting on the iphone ready to be browsed without even requiring the entry of the vault master password. at least on the pc you have to enter the master password before you can see this info.

so what is the purpose of downloading the vault to the iphone. you can'l use it on the iphone and it could display all the security info you were trying to keep secret on the pc!

perhaps i misunderstand or have some settings wrong. any insight you can offer would be appreciated.

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