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Since Norton's update to the PWV, (password vault) where the now antiquated method of opening the export import on the local system, is not available,they; OR (and its a big or because I am not sure who is responsible for the ball drop) the Browser yer with has failed to have a proper "add-on", "extension" etc.; or Norton siding with Chrome\Edge and the hell with the rest.
I've used norton (yep small letters now) for 15+ yrs and unlike the "COVID Excuse" where they pump you with crap and really don't care if you buy it.. companies like norton have just gotten worse with the customer service through time, to the point where it is now a joke to talk to and engage a person who is stumbling around your computer  interface, to the point where it is so desperate you have to take control, not to mention the constant repeating yourself over, and over, and over........

So if yer like me and they failed to give a long term customer a break on cost or a resolution to an Export\Import of Vault data; I recommend the following.

1.get the latest ver of chrome. 2.Install the PWV extension. 3. export the info (note in chrome this will export in a proper format. Firex fox is raw)4. Import that into your new vault. (firefox export fails at this as of 11-08-22) It just exports a raw file of text.

However; doing it chrome you can open and look at the file and see how it is constructed so you can learn how to implement into other environmental assets.

Shame on you norton for being so greedy and being so cheap to not give proper support instead of distant untrained call center folk who are for the must part scared to death to talk to anyone with IT experience and incur their frustration with your poor decisions.

you need to compensate people for the time and effort in contacting your help desk trying to resolve this, and your help desk who cannot provide and answer. I spoke to a "senior" at one point who could not solve this.


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Re: Password Vault Export

You do not have to export/import the vault contents between different browsers. The vault contents are stored online. All you need to do is install the Norton Password Manager, NPM, extension in each browser and then log into the vault. It does not matter which browser you are using, the vault you are accessing is the same.


Re: Password Vault Export

There is no longer a vault export function anywhere in Password manager.  Not in the extension, not in the web app, not in the mobile app.... nowhere.

What is the rationale for not allowing users to export their vault?

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