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STOP Norton 360 POP-UPS and Browser HIJACKING!

I HATE that Norton Hijacks my browser whenever you Marketers wish to do it, with NO RECOURSE, no way to stop it. Even to the point of REPLACING the current URL in an open Firefox tab with your stinking ads! HOW DARE YOU? I am now actively searching for another security solution to REPLACE NORTON.

Congratulations marketers. You should all be fired. This behavior is BEYOND DESPICABLE. I have spent many, many hours with tech support trying to prevent this, as well as ad popups, all a COMPLETE WASTE of my time. You have even removed functionality that used to allow at least some relief from some of this crap.

I am especially frustrated because it appears that Norton has allowed their marketers (There are far better, more appropriate, and more descriptive appellations than "marketers" I would love to use here, but please just use your imagination.) to "run the show" and the techs seem to be powerless to permanently get rid of this atrocious behavior.

I am just astounded that any BEAN-COUNTER marketer would be STUPID enough to think that actively INTERFERING with a customer's use of THEIR OWN COMPUTER in EXACTLY the same way as some MALWARE the software is supposed to PREVENT, is a good marketing ploy, and something that would make their product ATTRACTIVE!

Are you kidding me? YOU PEOPLE ARE NUTS!



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Re: STOP Norton 360 POP-UPS and Browser HIJACKING!

This is my first post to a "community" in all my many years of using computers.

At the local Apple so-called "Genius Bar" while trying to solve an Apple problem, I complained to the "Advisor" who was "helping" me about the annoying pop-ups.  She said all the anti-virus apps did the same, but that we could remove it if I wanted.  With my permission, she did what she thought was removing it, but she didn't know what she was doing, and it created a lot of problems.

With a bit more research, I tried removing Norton properly, but it was obstinate.  NORTON, I AM READY NOT TO RENEW MY SUBSCRIPTION BECAUSE OF YOUR POP-UPS.

Please excuse the rant, fellow community members--I know that all caps is yelling.  I am just fed up, that's all.

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Re: STOP Norton 360 POP-UPS and Browser HIJACKING!

I also do not normally get on these forums but decided to. I started the windows 11 22H2 update - started at 9:00 am and it is 2:00 PM - still trying to download and install then IN THE MIDDLE of the update, a pop up from norton stating the automatic update failed and please reboot?

WHY can't the update look to see if windows is in the middle of an update and not step on the update. This is the 3RD time it has happened. This may cost me hours of trying to install a windows update.

Also - the pop ups. When it said "looks like you restarted your computer - should we run a quick scan" I told it NO - and don't ask me again.
Well.... it keeps asking me. These pop ups are really getting annoying and my other user at home somewhat hosed the norton since they did not understand the pop up and killed it, thus not having virus protection BUT they somehow had McAfee as their default virus protection.

I also vote to turn off ALL annoying pop ups OR let me control the ones that do.

Update - 3:36 PM the windows update now restarted and I have lost all the time spent because norton stepped on the update. Another frustrating day using this software.

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Re: STOP Norton 360 POP-UPS and Browser HIJACKING!

I've been using Bullguard for years and today I got an email saying I was going to be switched to Norton GO Deluxe Plus. 

So far I've been cut off twice trying to use chat to find out what Norton GO deluxe plus is and why is it not listed as a product on the website.

The more I'm finding out about Norton, the more I think when my Bullguard subscription expires I'll be looking elsewhere for my security software. 


Re: STOP Norton 360 POP-UPS and Browser HIJACKING!

Norton charged me for renewal of their product over a month before the anniversary date!  It was pulling TEETH to get a refund, and to try to get Norton off my computer; a service rep said she had deleted my payment info.  The file they sent for Uninstall wouldn't execute because my Mac was protecting itself!  I hope the manual uninstall info on the Norton website did work....but popups are still appearing.  I'm waiting for the anniversary date, November 12, to see if they stop.  GRRRRRRRR.


Re: STOP Norton 360 POP-UPS and Browser HIJACKING!

I have a similar problem not popups in my browser because of my ad blocker extensions but I get these balloon popup offers all the time in the lower right minimized Norton 360 very annoying I'm trying to figure that out right now, Social medias are free and for that reason they have annoying ads they make their money on advertisers but we pay for Norton 360 therefore we should not be getting annoying offer ads, consider ad blocker extensions on your browser it even blocks youtube ads but not on a mobile device for that i have ad skipper app cant find something better for my mobile i don't know if it works in a mac never had a mac


Re: STOP Norton 360 POP-UPS and Browser HIJACKING!