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Really hate Nortons continuous prom notifications!!!

For the last 3 months NORTON keeps showing an extremely irritating Pop up notification reminding that my subscription is going to end. Have switched off the Norton special offer setting but to no avail!!!

The pops are now everyday!!

I HATE this. A reason to get rid of Norton and take anything else after 30 years of use.


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Re: Really hate Nortons continuous prom notifications!!!

It really is ridiculous the amount of spammy messages in the program! I bought a 10-device 2 year 360 Premium package from work and installed it. The amount of pop-ups and set advertisements on the home screen, after 'Smart' scans and even in the online portal is absolutely ridiculous to the point as I've actually uninstalled it, reinstalled Windows and bought the very light and bloat-free F-Secure again which I've been more than happy with for the past 6 years!

I wouldn't expect this from a premium paid for anti-malware program! I remember when Norton seemed to have turned the corner in 2009 and reprogrammed their software from the ground up.. It was fantastic and they were actually back in the game of light, unintrusive software..

Unfortunately it seems they're going in reverse now!

The final nail in the coffin was a Black Friday advert for their Utilities software appearing on one third of the home page of 360, something that the 'do not show promotions' tab (or whatever it is) doesn't sort out.

If Lifelock don't start listening to customers and keep on shoving these adverts onto people, they're going to be getting a really bad reputation like Norton/Symantec did in the past and people will stop using them which is a shame as the program itself is very good!

I might test 360 out in a few months on a few other PC's to see if anything has changed for the better, but until then I'm out.

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Re: Really hate Nortons continuous prom notifications!!!

seen where norton will stop working weeks ( a few) before it was to expire

the renewal process could be improved

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Re: Really hate Nortons continuous prom notifications!!!

I too have used Norton for a lot of years. And i too have reached the end of my rope.

Bye, Norton.

Where to go ... probably  not "Crazy John" McAfee's old company. (Even though he left it decades ago.)   

Now that i want to pay attention to options, i will 

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