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Why is your VPN so ridiculous?

Really on the same Norton subscription same exact multi device code I can use Norton VPN on my Android Mobile and change my region.

BUT on the same Norton subscription same exact multi device code I CANNOT change my region on Windows.
In what world does that logic exist?
I can just tether the VPN Region connection from my Mobile to my Computer and my Computer is now viewed in a different region while the connection my phone has is still coming from my Wifi, the same Wifi that my computer uses.
What are you trying to accomplish by not allowing PC users to change region when they can undermine it so easily?



Re: Why is your VPN so ridiculous?

Are you saying the Windows region settings are not working on your system, or you just have not found the settings yet?

From the new My Norton interface, click on the down arrow beside Turn On for the VPN feature. Then click on VPN Region to manually choose the region you wish to use.

Then scroll down the list to the region you want.

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