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International Customer Support

Please include all international countries in Norton's  support for fixing customer's performance issues, i.e. I am in Saudi Arabia and when I request new services my country is NOT listed in credit cards purchases. Therefore, I could not buy the new service.

I do not have any email address for Norton's support in that regards.  My email is <removed> you can corresponde with me in this subject.

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Ahmad AlHayes

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Re: International Customer Support

Are you able to install Norton on your devices? The US government places export restrictions on digital products to certain countries. This link shows the countries that Norton has a web site for.   https://us.norton.com/country-selector Sometimes you can use a neighbouring country to access Norton products. But any export restrictions will still be in place.

For service you can always try the chat Support feature.    www.norton.com/contactcs   If using the chat function, as soon as you can enter any information, enter "agent please". That will get you out of the chat bot and connected to a human.

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