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Norton is very bad

I have been using Norton products since 2005. I saw many backloops and worst behaviours in Norton. It's time to quit Norton & moveto real good AV product.  Norton LifeLock advertised it as a great security software but the reality is NOT. One of the worst antivirus software. Especially check these 3 key aspects,

1.   It doesn't accurately detect wide range of Viruses. Most of them are detected by Machine Learning. (e.g. Heur.AdvML.*  and Trojan.Gen.MBT) Many non-virus files are detected by this and this is too much annoying to us. Every time I report those samples for False Positive to Symantec/ Norton (Who knows whats the relationship between Broadcom symantec & NortonLifeLock even after the sold, Even Symantec creates all it's core engine and regular updates for Norton. NortonLifeLock is just a cover up only. Even not a virus is suspicious, This company is suspicious.) Actually, I reported more than 500 samples. Hey Norton listen, We purchased your (Norton) products to protect our PC, not to submit virus files and report false detections to you every time to improve your company. What are you thinking man?


2.  Some of the malware not removed by your worst product, For removal I don't reach your helpdesk, I can manually remove or Kaspersky is best to detect all malwares accurately and remove. Even If i contact, you guys are saying that I must have auto renewal plan to get your support for free. Hey are you joking? What the worst behaviour? Shame on you!

3.  Few times alert notifications are not working properly. Some Very big notices like your WiFi is not safe, use our VPN (as an advertisement). It takes 1/8 part of the computer screen. Don't you even know how to build a good user experience. Is this the way you're developing products and running a company?

Guys, I recommend Kaspersky. It's unbeatable. It can detect Viruses accurately, As I mentioned above, It won't detect good files as malicious by it's Machine Learning. Kaspersky has very huge Online Intel Network, It has get updates and Actions immediately. Else use Bitdefender. It's also good as Kaspersky, but uses more computer resources and Big update size.



Re: Norton is very bad


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