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Android, Norton 360 Security setup

Hi. Norton showwed that Security setup had not been completed on a Samsung S21 Ultra.  

App Security/Setup required

Select 'Set up now'

Permission setup / Get realtime protection / Turn ON

Select Turn On

Select OK for 'Accessibility, Norton requires accessibility permissions.......'

The attached is displayed and i have no idea of where to go from this screen.

Thanks for any help

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Re: Android, Norton 360 Security setup

Did you clear that message and try what it said to do? It looks like the Norton 360 app may be listed under the message. So what it is telling you to do is to tap on the Norton 360 app in the Accessibility Services section and turn on the 360 service.


Re: Android, Norton 360 Security setup


My earlier reply was rejected

Yes thanks, I cleared the message.

I found the 'Norton 360 Service' although the instructions/wording leading to it are meaningless.

The resulting actions allowed, after turning on 'Norton 360 Service', appear very intrusive and the list of actions allowed are unclear.

If it is safe to turn on 'Norton 360 Service', do you know why it is an option to turn it on rather than the default action?


Re: Android, Norton 360 Security setup

I'm not sure why  the Accessibility Service for Norton 360 does not get set by default during installation. It is possible that Android does not permit an app to change that setting for security reasons?????

If the intrusive actions you are referring to are those listed in your image from the first post, those are not Norton requests. That is being presented as suggested Accessibility services by Android OS. They are just suggestions. Nothing that would be activated by starting the Norton 360 service.

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