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Numeric "avatar" above AppLock home screen

I have opted to utilize Norton App Lock when my "Recent Apps" function is selected on my Samsung Galaxy A32 5G device. As such, whenever Recent Apps is selected, the image that appears above the nine circles is a quasi-avatar that I do not recall selecting. It is not a pic, silhouette or even an initial. Instead, the number 13 appears. Can anyone help me either change, remove or even understand why this might be? When opening an actual app, the app's logo appears which is obviously sensible. Thanks!



Re: Numeric "avatar" above AppLock home screen

What I see when I use App Lock to lock the Recent Apps function is an icon with the first letter of my username or possibly the email address used to register your Google Account for the device. Does 13 relate to either of those pieces of information? Is is always 13 that is displayed? If it changes, it could be related to the number of apps you have open in Recents????

What Device and Android version are you using? My results are from a Samsung Tab A with Android 9. Norton may interact differently with newer Android versions. 

Either way, there is no way to change what Norton is using to be displayed there. It does not affect the operation of App Lock, so I would not be worried about it.

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