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MDM Not Allowed

While attempting to install the MDM profile on my son’s iPhone, I am encountering an error message stating “Profile Installation Failed - Mobile Device Management is not allowed.” This is a newly purchased iPhone with the latest iOS installed. I do not know what other settings there may be to enable profile installation. Please help. Thanks in advance!



Re: MDM Not Allowed

Hi SethSS,

Welcome to Norton Family forum.

Please check whether you have any apps installed that uses ScreenTime enrolment. Currently, Apple do not support MDM enrolments on devices that have Screen Time API enrolments and vice versa. When an existing third party app uses ScreenTime API, MDM Profile installation will fail with the message 'Mobile Device Management is not allowed'.

MDM enrolment will also fail if there is another MDM profile already installed.

Please reach out to us if you continue to face any issues.

Norton Family Team.

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