Can't use the Norton downloader

I'm subscribed to Norton 360 Premium. It expires in Jan. 2024.

I recently tried another anti virus. I took Norton off of my PC & installed it. I changed my mind & now I want my Norton 360 back.

I downloaded the Norton 360 downloader & when I opened it I got the following message-Windows cannot access the specified device, bath or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item.

I have Windows 10, google chrome.

What should I do?


Accepted Solution

Re: Can't use the Norton downloader

I used the Norton removal & reinstall tool. It worked.


Re: Can't use the Norton downloader

Make sure you have removed the old antivirus completely and are back to Windows Defender. Do a restart to make sure.

Then try the download while being logged into Windows as administrator. Then do another restart.

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