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PLZ Help Old Man with compromised (infected?) HD laptop!

Good Afternoon,


Thank You for taking the time to read my post! :o)

I am 83 years old and have recently moved into a Senior Citizen (Community) home, hence prior too I had to engage in a great deal of downsizing & belt-tightning...

I saved some money (short term), yet also had to put up with trade-offs...

For one, there is only ONE ISP  provider for the entire building (basic cable) and all of us share the Wi-Fi which slows down internet speed (obvious when watching streaming movies which stall/refresh dozens of times).

So, a few days ago I noticed that my curser was vibrating (shacking) and gradually slid down half an inch from where I had left it on screen (external, Samsung, compact mouse). I thought I had merely imagined my curser shacking, yet today I found out the hard way that was not the case.

Someone has partial control of my HP laptop...I had "parked" the curser...when someone else moved it...used it to rapidly open/close webpages in front of my eyes.

I could not close my laptop via startup/task bar, hence I had to hold down the power button for 20 seconds.

I cleared ALL browser data/made sure cyber security extensions were "ON" in Google Chrome web browser.

I ran MBAM Premium clean results (0 threats).

I ran ALL Norton scans clean results (0 threats). I also used Norton Power Eraser.

I restarted the HP laptop hoping that had done the trick...sadly NO...when I tried to check Norton History/Firewall...the curser was taken away from me (someone else browsing up & down history...even clicking on an Activity...TO GIVE ME THE MIDDLE FINGER!). :o(

What I have noticed...at startup...suddenly there are 3 phantom pages there/rapidly disappear. I can see the top bar (black) of the page & the sides, yet the inside is blank/invisible...then the next page...and then page number 3 (all I can make out...top of page/black bar win32 "something"...it happens very fast).

I have done ALL I can/know of, hence I was hoping for some good advice from the good people on these forums.

I THAK YOU for having taken the time to read my post any useful input/solution is gladly welcomed! :o)


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Re: PLZ Help Old Man with compromised (infected?) HD laptop!

Since, you've run scan with Malwarebytes. 
How To Install And Run A Scan With Malwarebytes [2023 Guide]

Please visit Malwarebytes Help for system security checkup.   
Experts will gather logs & run specialized tools to help you.  

Malwarebytes Malware Removal Help


Re: PLZ Help Old Man with compromised (infected?) HD laptop!

Hello again bjm_,

THANK YOU for responding to my post! :o)

(It should have said HP laptop rather the HD laptop)

I shall be sure to follow your advice and pop over to Malwarebytes Malware Removal Help for additional help, thank you! :o)

Have a good day! :o)


Re: PLZ Help Old Man with compromised (infected?) HD laptop!

Good Afternoon bjm_,

So, I did, of course, follow your advice and decided to pop over to Malwarebytes Malware Removal Help, alas, they have VERY strict rules regarding SPAM (or what the machine thinks might be spam). I have made various attempts to post/start a thread, yet their website keeps telling me SPAM.

I have cut-out Samsung external mouse, Norton 360, Norton scans, Norton Power Eraser, MBAM Premium and still not good enough.

I shall continue to keep at it (further edit) as this issue is VERY important & needs a resolution.

Thank you once again for the link! :o)

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Re: PLZ Help Old Man with compromised (infected?) HD laptop!

@david S.

Please check you Norton Community Inbox. 


Re: PLZ Help Old Man with compromised (infected?) HD laptop!

Hello bjm_

Thank you ever so much for contacting me via Norton Community Inbox. :o)

For me, sadly, it was a very long & frustrating day! :o(

I shall attempt to contact the "powers that be at Malwarebytes," as per your suggestion (thank you for the link), and see if I can resolve post/spam problem that way.

I REALLY appreciate that Norton Community Forums are not so restrictive.

I even had to edit win32, Microsoft Windows 11, build of my HP laptop...and still not good enough!

I hope that you are having a better day then me.


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