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Continual lsolilciting for additonal services!

G**dam*ed Norton CONTINUALLY solicits for additional services.  And parts of 360 that I don't want are CONTINUALLY in pop-ups to add undesired services.,  This is a totally crippled company (Symantic) with very obnoxious advertising that I would absolutely NEVER recommend.  I only have it because I have been able to renew from 3rd parties for about $20 for subscriptions of 14 to 15 months each time, requiring me, of course, to cancel auto-renewal before using saved product keys - quite an obnoxious requirement in my opinion.  I have really grown to hate this product and, as a user (mostly 'on' and occasionally 'off') since the 1990s,  am wondering why (as I am writing this screed) I am still a user.  I truly hate Norton...and wonder why I can't tell them directly -THERE IS NO FEEDBACK PLACE WITHIN THEIR SUPPORT OPTIONS! - and all I can do is complain to Tom's, Anand, other techie support forums and reddit (who usually just cancel my comments, direct or 'more forceful') when I voice my complaints. Using: (1) Norton 360 Deluxe 2023 (15 months) without VPN (have one), Cloud Backup (have one), Dark Web Monitoring.  Do not need nor want Privacy Monitor, Password Manager, Parental Controls, etc. (2) Windows 10 (still).  (3) On a Desktop PC and a Laptop.



Re: Continual lsolilciting for additonal services!

While I don't know if it will do any good, there is a feedback link in N360.  Right click the tray icon > Open Norton 360 > Help > Feedback.

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