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SONAR.Heuristic.130 question

I was installing a new program when I got the notice from Norton that the operation was being cancelled because the program contained the SONAR.Heuristic.130 virus/trojan.  The people I'm purchasing the program from say it's because their program is not widely used and is not in Norton's database and therefore is suspect.  They suggest that I disable Norton while I install it - something I'm not really thrilled about doing.  Any thoughts?  Is their claim that the notice is due to the program being unknown valid?



Re: SONAR.Heuristic.130 question

SONAR.Heuristic.130  ask the vendor to https://submit.symantec.com/whitelist/

SONAR.Heuristic.130 is a heuristic detection for suspicious processes based on certain attributes.   Reputation is one of the attributes.  Specific attributes help to identify legit from bogus and nasty.  If the developer / vendor is doing as users would prefer.  They would follow guidelines and recommendations.  As they are suggesting you disable Norton.  Suggest to them they invest the time to offer a recognized safe product.  You may submit the file to virustotal   although if it's that new it may not report. 
That's how zero day attacks evolve.  Too new to detect.  Norton flags with artificial intelligence based upon behavior rule sets.
The rule sets include specific attributes.  Your vendor may claim what ever they like.  There is a protocol to release new software.  Otherwise all new software would be flagged.  Following required recommended protocols ensures a recognized safe software release.


Re: SONAR.Heuristic.130 question

Sorry, I wanted to delete this question.  I started a new message. 

Thanks, Fred

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