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Selecting Files for Backup, Would Prefer to See My File Directory

I have a number of PCs using Windows 8.1.    In the past I have used Retrospect Backup and NovaBackup to backup my files.  Both allowed me to view my current File Directory (as shown when using MS File Explorer).  Thus, I was able to quickly select the File Folders, or the specific files within file-folders, that I want to backup.  This is very helpful, as I (like most users) have spent many hours during past years establishing how I want my files to be organized, and the 'logic' of their organizational-structure is now almost second nature to me.  Further, my structure is built around some of the newer features of Windows:  e.g.  "Pictures" are now in a separate File Folder, and they are not part of "My Documents" (indeed the title "My" is no longer used by the more recent versions of Windows).  In contrast to all of this, as I now try to learn how to use "Norton Security with Backup", I am presented with a lengthy list of individual files when I attempt to select the files I want to back up.  Included in the list are administrative logs that I have no day-to-day interest in, etc, and the files are not listed in an order than I can readily make sense of.  They seem to be organized alphabetically:  e.g. an excel file is followed by an AppData file, etc.  I then click on "Folders" to see if this might "chunk" the plethora of files into a more meaningful structure.  Instead, I am again presented with an alphabetical list of file-folders.  The window is small and cannot be expanded, so I can not see the full name of each file-folder.  I could select some of these folders for backup, but I have no confidence/no personal security that I have made a comprehensive selection.   IS THERE ANY WAY TO CONFIGURE THE WIZARD FOR SETTING UP A BACKUP-SET WITHIN NORTON SECURITY, so that I can take advantage of the File-Structure I have created over the years?  Alternatively, CAN ANYONE COMMENT ON HOW I CAN MORE QUICK/IMMEDIATE SENSE OF THE CHOICES OFFERED TO ME BY THE WIZARD, so that I can readily/quickly use the choices offered to me by Norton Security?  Unless I can more forward more quickly in either of these ways, I will not pursue the use of NortonBACKUP.    I do value Norton's anti-virus and anti-malware services.  Thanks for any help you can offer.  SamAyles 


Accepted Solution
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Re: Selecting Files for Backup, Would Prefer to See My File Directory

Hi SamAyles.

Welcome to the Norton Community Forums.

There are several ways to add or remove files or folders to/from NSBU backup and I am not sure exactly which way you are coming at it.  So forgive me if I make any incorrect assumptions or incomprehensible comments....  If I have misunderstood, put me right.  If you do not understand me, say so and I will try and clarify.

When you first activate NSBU with the Backup active, a default backup is already set.  It is called the DefaultBackup (or similar) and is defined by Norton in such a way as it hopes will be most helpful to most people.  Which by definition means that it will probably not be exactly what anyone wants.  

As the backup function of NSBU is intended to handle just data files then the assumption for some time has been that the would be in "My Documents" but you do not have to choose that.  I suggest that you may like to try setting up a new backup set, which you can play with until you are happy and then you may accept it as your future backup or produce a new one.

So I suggests you go to Backup and select "Backup Sets" then Create a new backup set and give it any name you like (e.g. Test).  You can change the name at any time later.  Next select the "When" tab and set it to "Manual" so that it does not start running until you are ready.  Then go to the "Where" tab and give it a valid location that will work.  Finally choose the "What" tab.

As you do not seem to want the default "My Documents" selection I suggest that you first check the C: box (or whatever is the correct drive letter for your data), and then uncheck  the "My Documents" box.  I personally also make sure that all the file definitions sliders on the right hand panel are switched off as I choose my files and folders myself and do not want the software ignoring files just because it does not recognise a new file ending.

Next click on the "Add or exclude files and folders" (above the files type switches).  This will bring up a list of folders on the C: drive that are excluded and at the bottom right are options to add or exclude files and folders.  If you want to include any folders that you keep data in, then just use the add folders option and work your way through the tree to select those folders.  I believe that if you select any folder then any sub-folders of that folder, will be included unless you specifically exclude them.  Personally I always start by excluding the C: drive to make sure that no un-named folders are picked up by accident, and that only folders I specifically include will be backed up.  

I recognise that the window offered when you go to select a file or folder is small and that this may be the window you do not like.  If that is the case then just set up the basic backup structure with at least one file or folder included in the selection, save the settings and then back out of NSBU.  Now open windows explorer and go to any folder you wish included in the backup.  Select that folder, right click and choose, "Norton Security with Backup" and then choose "Add to backup".  You will be asked which backup to add the folder to - you choose.

Once you have made all your selections you can go back in to the NSBU backup functions and look at the inclusion exclusion list again to confirm that you are happy with the selection.  Then run Preview to check that the total looks right and you should be ready to run the backup.

If you want to check that the backup has been successful you should look at Restore, choose the relevant backup location and then browse the files or folders to see what you have.  I think that files within folders are only sortable in name or size order as their dates always match the date of the last backup...

Did that help?  Sorry it was so long.


Re: Selecting Files for Backup, Would Prefer to See My File Directory

Mike,  Thank you for the detailed practical response.  It definitely helps.  I have experimented a bit using the process you outlined, and came to value Norton's Backup more than I had before. 

For me the Norton-interface is NOT very intuitive.  In contrast, your process helped clarify what some of the 'commands' accomplish (I.e. the commands embedded in Norton's interface, such as  "Add or Exclude Files" and "Include Folder"/"Exclude Folder."     Also, your process eventually brought me directly to my own File-Folder-Tree/Structure, leading to more confidence that I would be backing up exactly what I want to backup.

As soon as I created a Test-Backup-Set, the Default-Set established by Norton disappeared, so I now can not determine whether it would have served my purposes or not.  I now see that "My Documents" does NOT correspond to the terms "Documents" or "Pictures" as used by Microsoft-Windows-8.1    I do not understand the value of backing up one's settings, but I assume that the settings might be included within the Backup Set Norton labelled as "Default."  That was certainly true when I used Retrospect.

I did not yet run a restore, as the set of folders and files I selected for my "Test" amounted to 32 GB of data, and I would have had to purchase more Storage Space from Norton.  Instead, I'll now try a much smaller backup, and then review the Structure of the Restore Files created by Norton, to see how useful they are.

The process recommended by NovaBackup is also not readily intuitive, in my opinion.  For me, the best 'Wizards' I have seen for creating Backups and Duplicates (as defined by Retrospect) are the Wizards created by Retrospect.  However, that product is designed primarily for entities with larger backup requirements, and I found that it was providing me with a lot of false error messages, so I turned to NovaBackup.   I use NovaBackup with two local Hard Drives for Backups, but I do not subscribe to their Online Storage because it seems very expensive (they clarify that this is so because many larger entities must backup SERVERSs and not simply Files or Folders, and that this is a complex process).  I currently use Mozy for on-line Backups, but will consider Norton if I can design the Backup Sets that meet my needs.

Again, thank you very much for your assistance.    SamAyles



Re: Selecting Files for Backup, Would Prefer to See My File Directory

Delighted it helped SamAyles.  


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