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No CD makes me want to change to another program

I just bought the Norton Security 2015 at Staples-Business Depot.  I shook the box to hear a "jingle of the CD inside" noise.  Unfortunately I do not read the box cover clearly stating that there was no CD.  Yes, my fault.

Anyways, I have used Norton for years, happily so.

Not have a CD get me angry.

I want the Choice to have a CD.

Next year I will look for some other protection  program.

Shame on you Norton.



Re: No CD makes me want to change to another program

Return the product as it does not satisfy.  Any reputable vendor will offer refund or offer replacement.
Norton Product Refunds  is offered within 60 days of purchase.  If product does not satisfy.

CD's were discontinued for cost and that CD's are always out of date.  Download and activation with key is preferred over CD install. 
I don't know ... you may able to find CD.  I doubt it....but, I haven't looked for years. 

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Re: No CD makes me want to change to another program


I think a lot of programs come today just as downloads and no CD's or DVD's. You won't be able to buy a CD or DVD version of Norton Security 2015 or Norton Security with Backup 2015 any where.  Income Tax programs, Online Games etc. After you download the Norton program, you can make your own CD or DVD if you like to have a CD of the program.

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Re: No CD makes me want to change to another program


Basically it's because:

More and more devices are coming without CD/DVD drives -- tablets, laptops -- on which Norton can be installed

CD's are always out of date by weeks / months / years since they are not updated so if you install from one you have major updates to do

You can download a current file for installing the Norton product from the Norton website free of charge now and for several years to come. We could give you download links for Norton Antivirus, Norton Internet Security or Norton 360 now although they have been withdrawn from the market.  As we can too for Norton Security's two versions.

And that file will need very few updates after installation if you install it when you download it.

As Floplot says you can download and burn your own CD or thumbdrive if you want a physical copy, which is quite understandable.

So really there is no need to be upset although it may have been unexpected.


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