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RV1.SRV.Statictics.com says Manually upgrade the flash player


whenever I access some to sites like SAPTECHNICAL.COM it throws some message like "SRV1.SRV.Statictics.com says  Manually upgrade the flash player", it keeps pop up for three to four times and after that web page closes and doesn't open.   I have latest updated flashplyer in my google chorome . 

Please let me know why Norton antivirus is not blocking this site - "SRV1-STV.Statisctics.com.

Note that same site SAPTECHNICAL.COM is being opened in other system without having any issues  where i do not have  Norton security is not being used. 

looking for immediate solutions. My id is hari.yoga@gmail.com


Harikrishna Yoga 



Re: RV1.SRV.Statictics.com says Manually upgrade the flash player

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SRV1-STV.Statisctics.com is not a site domain afaik.   Best I can google is STV ~ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slovensk%C3%A1_telev%C3%ADzia

and http://www.statistics.com/   and http://saptechnical.com/  and no luck with revision 1 server statistics

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