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Incomplete Product Code Key

In April I purchased a  Norton Security product key pack  from a 3r party vendor. Tonight I finally opened the package to update my license. The product code  on the card was incomplete with the final character of the 5th alphanumeric section missing and the two characters before that barely readable. The time limit for the vendor's return/replacement policy has expired. Two hours and thirty-six minutes with Customer Support has left me feeling that I will get no resolution from them prior to the expiration of my current subscription in 4 days. All I want is a valid product code to renew my subscription. I paid for one but it is unavailable because of defective printing. The response so fat was first you'll have to take it up with the vendor, then we'll give you a discount on another product key card. After speaking with a supervisor, the matter was supposedly escalated to another team with an answer in 24-48 hours, maybe. I was stonewalled when I tried to find out what steps could be taken beyond this stage.



Re: Incomplete Product Code Key

Hi, Stary Vojak. I've asked if someone from Symantec can follow up on this.

Windows 10 Home X 64

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