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Windows 10 Norton 360, no live updates

On Window 7 Norton updates were available several times a day.

I have upgraded to Windows 10 on 29th July

This morning the updates (on Windows 10) are shown to be as the last update 1day ago. No changes to settings have been made, so automatic updates are set as enabled.

Is there a problem with updates - or is it just that updates are now less frequent? (scans perform ok and latest version check is ok). 

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Re: Windows 10 Norton 360, no live updates

Hi Ribble,

Nothing wrong with that, keep an eye on it and you will see that it will change to Current at some point during the day.

The date you see corresponds to what is shown for the Virus definitions here: Please note I am running NSBU on Win 7 - but the same principle.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Norton Security with Backup\NortonData\\Definitions

Also these are the basic definitions that are downloaded to your system - the Cloud definitions are constantly updated (although not shown on your system)  A new concept for version 22 and new to N 360 users.


Re: Windows 10 Norton 360, no live updates


Good explanation.

Good to hear from someone with hands-on experience.
In the interim I had contacted live chat, who said that all was ok. But: no reason was given.  Must be busy, probably.
It's a difficult time with the new install of Windows 10, where nothing can be taken as being fully reliable.

I've had very few problems with Norton in the past, and only call for help in an emergency.

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