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Norton toolbar Firefox 40.1

I cant believe it is taking so long for Norton to sort out the toolbar issue with firefox, there really is no excuse for this delay. Every time a new firefox comes out the toolbar doesn't work.

Late October they said, well I would say it is now late October? Or do they mean October 2016?

This is VERY inconvenient, Norton make us dependant on the vault and then cant be bothered to update to firefox.

When is the fix available?

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Re: Norton toolbar Firefox 40.1

Hello Wizard

As you can see in the Announcements on top of this Page, Norton is busy reconstructing the whole Toolbar. Admin Mohan has posted that Phase1should be completed around the end of October. That could mean also the beginning of November. Norton does not give out exact dates for new patches or updates. I haven't received any notice yet when it will be released. You will have to wait for an announcement. You can subscribe to the Announcements, then you will get an email telling you that there is an Announcement and you can then see the Announcement. This will be for Phase 1.


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