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Reinstalling a deleted infected file

I have a software app on my Windows 7 PC called StyleCall.  I don't know where the software came from, but it has been on my PC since 2013.

Recently, Norton said that a portion of the program, stylecall.dll, was infected with what Norton called, "Trojan.gen.2", and Norton deleted the .dll file, but left the rest of the software on my PC.  This causes an error message EVERY TIME I boot the machine.

I have tried to use Control Panel to delete the software, but I can't without the .dll file in place.  I have tried to reinstate the .dll file just long enough to delete the entire software package with Control Panel, but Norton won't let me.  (actually, the .dll file reinstatement seems to work for a moment, but when I then go to Control Panel to delete the stylecall software, it says that the .dll is missing.  Sure enough, there it is back in quarantine.

This whole issue is really just an annoyance.  I have not had any problems that seem to be related to StyleCall.  In fact, I don't have a clue as to what it is or does.  But, seeing that error message every time I boot the machine bugs me.

Any ideas?



Re: Reinstalling a deleted infected file

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