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My Vault is closed yet is showing all my Log-ins

Sent from my new PC.

I have started transferring files from my old PC to my new one. In case it's relevant to what I'm going to say, earlier I installed Office 365 Home Premium and just before it ended, my new laptop froze, leaving me a BSOD - the PC was switched on but the Power button didn't work.. HP Live Chat told me to hold down the Power Button for up to 10 seconds. That switched off my PC.

When I restarted, I was very relieved to see that Office 365 has successfully installed. But I wanted to know why it had crashed and a Moderator in the Microsoft Community is now helping me with that.

A few hours later and I've just come back to find that although my Vault is showing closed, there's a window showing the list of my log-ins:

No doubt it will sort itself out when I shut down and start up in the morning but just in case . . . .

Win10 Home v1803 build 17134.345/HP envy/EDGE (rubbish)/IE11 (RIP)11.285.17134.0/ OFFICE 365 Home Personal/Norton Security



Re: My Vault is closed yet is showing all my Log-ins

If you have the ID Safe window open and you do not close the window, it is possible that you left it longer than whatever your settings for ID Safe to automatically close. This way the window might still be there but your browser has updated to show the status of the vault to be closed.

What happens if you click on one of the logins? Does it take you to the web page or does it give a message that the vault is closed?


You can view the BSOD dumps using Nirsoft's Bluescreen View from here.  http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/blue_screen_view.html (link is external) Then you can post screenshots here for help in diagnosing them. Instructions to post screenshots can be found here

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: My Vault is closed yet is showing all my Log-ins

There is a little tab in the vault that you can switch to OFF. I was very concerned seeing my banking sign off was still displayed after I closed the site, BUT looked through all my NORTON info and there is a page that has a lot of options. Switched the tab to OFF, and now can rest peacefully.

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