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Norton Security 2016

Where do I download the 2016 version of Norton Security. Had this problem last year from 2014 to get version 2015, and had to uninstall then install again, then noticed that 2015 version had been downloaded. In the past this feature was offered either as an automatic update or you could do it yourself anytime, the latest versions were available from late November to early December, but now cannot find how to do this. I've still got over a months subscription before I need another key. 

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Re: Norton Security 2016

...current Norton version is may pull pre-activated Norton from your Norton account....run LiveUpdate several times with restart/reboot as required to bring current....
While you may identify Norton by year.   Norton employs version number.  


Re: Norton Security 2016

Hi bjm. thanks for you reply, yes that is the version I'm using right now. is that 2015.? When I go to check for latest version, it says that I'm using the latest version. Is 2016 not available yet for update.? When I update it just says that no more updates are available or needed at the moment.

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Re: Norton Security 2016

Norton product updates will come to you via LiveUpdate.  
Norton product does not update based on calendar year cycle. 
Version 22 is major version number while xx.5.5.15 is the minor version numbers.
Check for New Version only reports on major version number.
While users may think of Norton by year.   Norton employs version number.
Norton product/service v22.5.5.15 is current major 22 n' minor xx.5.5.15 version number. 
Note: Norton Identity Safe/Toolbar employs year in it's version number. 

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