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Norton 360 Anti Spam on multiple devices

Today I created a chat session with Norton Support for the following reason.

Why do I select "This is not Spam" button everyday on the same email address and tomorrow the email is again installed into the Norton "Spam" folder?

As it turns out we found it was because I have multiple devices on my Norton 360 I did not have the email address in all of my devices.  So I asked the support technician to show me how to automatically transfer between my devices or show me where the file is for my "Allowed List" and "Blocked list" that I can transfer it to all my devices.  As it turns out the support Specialist told me I cannot do so.  I can import but I cannot export these lists from device to device.  I also tried to copy and past into a word file with no success.  It would seem according to the "Specialist" the only form is to retype it into each and every device.

Wow what a short coming to Norton 360 Anti Spam.  I welcome any suggestions to solve this issue and await a proactive approach from Norton on this issue.  The answer I received from the "Specialist" is I cannot do this.  LOL