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Service CPU @ 100%

Resource Monitor usually looks like 4x25% for Processes (running BOINC, that's expected), and Services are usually 0%, with an occasional brief foray into single digits. 

Lately, Services CPU has been running in increments of 25%, frequently near 100%, showing a variety of services running at or near 25% which should be at or near 0%.  The services showing high usage appear to be random and can change instantly.  There was one whose status was "stopped" that ran at 25% for several minutes.

In addition, when I log on to a running computer and immediately start Resource Monitor, one or two services' "Average CPU" can be in the 20,000 range.

This does not appear to be normal.  Quick Scan, Full System Scan, and even Power Eraser fail to find anything amiss.  Suggestions?  Dell Inspiron, Win7SP1, Norton 360

Thématiques: Norton 360, Infection