Norton 22.7 - Hot Issues and Fixes

 [Updated 21 July 2016]

Since the release of Norton 22.7, some issues have been discovered that our engineering team is working to resolve. Below is a list of the Hot Issues that have been found for the latest Norton release. Below that is a list of issues that were occurring with Norton 22.7, but have since been resolved. These Hot Fixes are available by simply running LiveUpdate.

If you have comments or questions on the below items, you may wish to add them to the relevant threads that are linked at the end of each issue.


  • CPU usage spikes (75% to 100%) when running a system scan (thread)
  • On Internet Explorer, the Norton Toolbar is no longer visible


  • Resolved with Auto-Protect HotFix - Errors 3035,6 and 3038,104 reported that Auto Protect is off or the message "You Are At Risk. Your PC is not automatically protected from viruses, spyware, and other risks" / Auto Protect is grayed out (thread)
  • Resolved with Auto-Protect HotFix - some high CPU/Disk usage issues after updating to 22.7
  • Resolved with Auto-Protect HotFix - "PC is not protected by SONAR advanced protection" message appears on product, though SONAR is enabled (thread)
  • Resolved with SRTSPP HotFix -  BSOD appears after Norton 22.7 update. (thread)
  • Resolved with Norton Security Scan HotFix - System Scan continues to run for longer than expected / is stuck at "initializing" / scan freezes (thread)
  • Resolved with Norton Security Toolbar HotFix - Clicking Help Links (?) in the Norton Product directs customer to Norton Account login page instead of Help documentation (thread). Please see Announcement for more information.
  • Resolved in - Windows Action Center reports Virus Protection/Network Firewall/Spyware protection is Turned OFF with active Norton on Windows 7 OS (thread)
Tony Weiss | Norton Forums Global Community Manager | Symantec Corporation