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macOS Sierra + Norton Family NOT ABLE TO DOWNLOAD.

I brought Norton for the family app services it provides for my children devices etc along with the MacBook Air I intended on using it with as my main priority when purchasing. 
This was part of a package deal that 2 different well known stores had on offer along with the MacBook Air. 

Once home I tried to set things up: 
I signed up to the website and logged into my account. 
I downloaded the Norton Security.
I added my child to the family area along with me as a parent account and tried to add a devices... 
This is my issue. " I can not add a device ! "
All links lead to a blank page or send me around in circles. downloading the security program over and over again.

I contacted Norton help chat and they only sent me links to steps that I had already told them I took ! NO HELP.
Why is this product on offer as being compatible with Apple MacBook Air when it clearly is NOT ! 
PLEASE help me with this issue. ???
I am very unhappy I brought 3 years of protection for a service I can not use. 



Re: macOS Sierra + Norton Family NOT ABLE TO DOWNLOAD.

Hi Amanda,

Norton Family currently supports the following operating systems:

Windows, like PC devices

Android, like Android phones

iOS, like iphones, ipads.

I'm sorry that we currently don't support Mac devices.

For details on system requirements, please check 




Thanks Katie

Re: macOS Sierra + Norton Family NOT ABLE TO DOWNLOAD.

Thank you for getting back to me.
Are they working on adding Mac devices ? 
If so is there a rough estimate on when to expect it ? 
I don't know if I should be taking this back to where I purchased from and buying a different program for my needs. 

So disappointing they would release a program that is not covered to run on all the most common devices. :/


Re: macOS Sierra + Norton Family NOT ABLE TO DOWNLOAD.

Hello Amanda,

Norton Family and Norton Security are two different programs.   You should keep Norton Security as it is the best security product to protect your Mac devices in the market.

As for Norton Family for Mac devices, I'm sorry we currently don't have estimate time for supporting Mac yet.



Thanks Katie

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