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Combine Devices and Services dialog in Norton Account

My suggestion is about a long lasting problem with identifying devices in the Norton account.

Here are the ins  and outs :

  • The Devices dialog of the Norton account identifies devices with a name generated by the Norton account, which does not identify the device at all; it's a meaningless name. The only way to find out which device it is, is to open Norton Security application on a certain device and press Info. The devicename is there in the top line.
    As I do not have all 15 devices in my account available all the time, this is not he way to identify devices. Furthermore it is 2 step operation on the device itself and in the Norton account.
  • The Services dialog of the Norton account identifies the same devices based on the Computername of Windows, which is a more meaningful identification of a device.
    A computername in Windows can be changed to make it even more meaningfull and that name will then be changed in the Services dialog also. I f.i. always change a computername to something significant.

Here is the request : Combine the Devices and Services dialog and combine/display all existing data for a device in a newly designed simple dialog.

W10 1809 and 1903 / W10 Insider / IE11 and FF 67, TB 60.7, NS 22.17, (Android 7 with NMS)