Improvement Suggestions for Norton Wifi Privacy

I have a suggestion for the Norton Wifi Privacy app.

According to customer service, the servers for it went down yesterday for maintenance so it was rendered unusable. However, the program was not responding properly seemingly due to not being able to properly connect to the servers. It would act like a revolving door, you would boot the program, it would take a long time for it to budge to a log in screen, attempt to log in, it would stall then eventually loop back to the log in screen. The window would also disappear and clicking or right clicking the icon in your system tray would not bring it back up nor would it bring up any menu options. And the only way to exit the program in this state was to end its task in the Task Manager. This is very frustrating for users and many would think there is something wrong with the program on their end and waste time trying to troubleshoot it when the problem is not on the user's end.

My suggestion is to build a fail safe for the program. If it cannot connect to the server properly, it should notify the user its unable to connect and if possible provide a diagnosis as to why it can't (I.E. Offline for server maintenance) instead of looping back on itself and refusing to show a window. Additionally, if it cannot connect, the program needs to be capable of functioning offline and without a proper server connection meaning it will still present a window for you to access and have options available, especially the ability to exit the program safely. This way users will at least have some idea of why the program isn't working and be able to see the window and choose to exit the program instead of being in the dark.

I understand this may have been an unusual error, but I would like to see this VPN application improve.