Norton Site Survey

I received a phone call today, after having sent a bulk email to Norton's upper management.  I expressed my frustration of the way devices and services are managed (or not) on the account page.  He told me that Norton has received good feedback on their site, however, he may be talking about the general, public web site.  I started this thread, hoping that someone from their corporate office actually checks in periodically.  Let's take an unofficial survey about the account management feature for your subscriptions.  For my part, I see no sense in having both a Services page and a Devices page, since they never seem to synchronize.  As an example, my son and I both have Galaxy S5 cell phones, which appear on the Devices page with the names I assigned them.  On the other hand, the Services page shows the generic "Samsung_SM-G900" for both phones.  How am I supposed to differentiate between the two?  In addition, my laptop shows up on the Services page and NOT on the Devices page, which only lists 9 of the 10 devices we own.