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Norton Support Concern with Change Email Request

Long story short, I needed to combine two accounts into one.  I started a chat with Norton Support on the evening of 6/17/2017, who said they needed to start a remote session with me to fulfill my request.  I didn't think too much about the request, until the remote session started and for 5 to 10 minutes, all I saw the support person do was double click the Norton 360 program on the desktop.  I questioned the support rep, who replied not to worry and that he was helping with combining my two accounts and asked if I had any more email accounts.  At this point, I said if there is any online documentation for me to do this myself (since it seemed to require action on my end).  The rep just said to search on the Norton website and then I ended the remote session.  I now have some concerns that something malicious was happening, since the remote session had quite a bit of access and I didn't noticed any visual activity during the session.  What I need to know is whether or not this is normal?  Does the task of combining accounts require a remote session (i.e. support reps don't have tools to do this and needs to be done by the user)?


A somewhat concerned customer



Re: Norton Support Concern with Change Email Request

Many companies now use remote access as a support tool, as it is far easier for an agent to handle things directly, rather than try to explain to possibly non-technical users how to find and change settings.  As long as you were working with official Norton Support and not a generic tech support company advertising itself on Google as "Norton Support," I would not be too concerned.


Re: Norton Support Concern with Change Email Request

Hello SL7

To contact the Official Customer Support for Norton, please use this link. Customer Support usually has the tools to take care of subscription matters quickly. If you have to give them email passwords, then change them as soon as Support has finished.



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Re: Norton Support Concern with Change Email Request

SendOfJive and floplot, thank you for the quick reply.

I contacted support through Norton and the LogMeIn session was started from the chat; nothing concerning about this - the company I work for uses LogMeIn as a support tool as well.  The concerning part is:

1. That a LogMeIn session is even needed to fulfill a request to combine accounts.

2. Nothing happened during the session for quite a while, other than double clicking on the Norton 360 icon on the desktop.

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