Norton Account Online - Convoluted device / licence management

Currently in Norton Account online, there are two places to manage devices / licences and each of them are not user friendly or identifiable with device or licence management.

For example, on the My Devices screen, each device is listed by Operating System with suffix and unlike previous version of Norton Account, you could see partly redacted computer names so you could see which computer you were managing, or which has issues.

On the other hand, under the My Subscriptions page, hidden behind the "i" symbol next to "licenses used" and "available" you can see a user friendly device list with actual computer names and first installation dates and also ability to remove licences!

Not even sure if many know that the "i" shows more than it first appears?

Surely it would be logical to move this hidden list from the Subscriptions page to the Devices page with actual computer names and install dates and make it more identifiable than just operating systems and suffixes?