Norton Mobile - Add Features From NIS (Firewall, whitelist, etc.)

As I noted in this thread, I've been a Norton user for some time however there seem to be many features missing from the mobile (Android) version that can be obtained by using several other apps. Having them all in one app would bring NMS in line with the desktop version.

Below I will list some features I would like to see along with some examples of apps that cover these (for Norton developers' reference and readers who think it's not possible). I am not associated in any way with these example apps and readers should consider any app thoroughly before using it.

  • Whitelist - There is no ability to whitelist an APK that is a false positive. Webroot offers this ability (see screenshot from above thread)
  • Firewall - There is no ability to control APK internet acces. An app called "NoRoot Data Firewall" provides this and is quite robust. You get alerts from apps accessing the internet and you can block based on WiFi, 4G or both. You can also allow for a specified time.
  • Network Scanning - There is no way to see who's on your network (similar to network map on the desktop). An app called "Fing" offers this service and gives many details about the other devices on the network, including the individual IPs of a device that contains multiple IPs (like a DDWRT router serving as an AP for wired devices)

Finally, if there are concerns about children messing around or users making mistakes, that is where AppLock comes in. You already offer this as a separate feature but it can be applied to NMS to prevent unwanted changes. Not to mention, desktop users have far greater control over their Norton experience and there doesn't seem to be the same fear.

Thanks for reading!