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Cannot Backup Files From Another Networked PC

I am using Norton 360 v and run Windows 10 Pro.

My problem is I cannot use Backup in Norton 360 on my PC to backup any files on my son's laptop.

His files are stored on his laptop in a shared folder. I have read/write access to the folder, being able to open all files from my PC. From my PC I can create a file and save to his laptop.

I had no problem finding the folder when adding it to the backup set and it appears in the list as \sons pc\school\

Prior to running the backup my son's PC is on and, on my PC I have accessed his school folder in Window's Explorer, typing my username and password. In Windows Explorer I can see the files on his laptop from my PC.

After I run the backup I click the 'View Details' link and none of the files on my son's PC have been backed up.

I tried creating a dedicated backup set, just for my son's files (no files from my PC) and it ran saying that all files had previously been backed up, which I found kind of odd.

I then created a new test file on my son's laptop, re-ran the backup and no files were backed up.

If anyone knows what I am doing wrong or, what I am not doing, please let me know.

Many thanks,


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Re: Cannot Backup Files From Another Networked PC

I'm not sure I have a solution but I do see a problem. 360 had been replaced by Norton Security with backup and is fully compatible with Windows 10. Norton's user backup programs are not designed by do backups over the network.

A possibility is to upgrade your subscription when you update to NSBU so that you can have a copy of the program on your son's computer and it can do its backups independently of your needs and schedule.

I expect that the indication that your son's files have been backed up, when they are not is due to the way the program marks the header as it starts to do the backup.


Dick Win 10x64 current current NSBU

Re: Cannot Backup Files From Another Networked PC

Thanks Dick.

My son has 360 on his laptop, I was just hoping to include his stuff with mine.

Might be an idea if FAQ/documentation points this out somewhere. I spent an afternoon trying to overcome 'my oversight' with this one.

Thanks again,


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Re: Cannot Backup Files From Another Networked PC

Hi Stuart Ilsley

we are sorry for the inconvenience  caused. Due to security concerns we do not backup an another PC even if it is network shared, while adding file or folder from network drive, you would have received a pop up saying "Please select files from locally attached drives only.Files on Network drives can not be included in the backup"

If you have Norton installed in your Son's PC then you can run backup. To check if the files are backed up please check the below steps:

  • After running backup you can check the "View Details" link in Backup results.
  • If you are getting as your files are already backed up below are the location you can verify if your files/folders are  backed up: 
  1. Norton->Security->History->In show choose (scroll down) Backup ->  you will be able to see the entire history of backup, double click the  recent run or previous, then another window pops up. If you maximize the window you could see  all the details and the files backedup with their respective location.      
  2. Norton->Backup->Restore Files->Choose the backupset which you had backedup the files/folder(This option is there only when you have multiple backupsets)->Click Search -> You can search for the file name or the file format eg ".txt".



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