Ce sujet a besoin d'une solution.


Wanted to get rid of the annoying toolbar that I did not asked for, so unable to have off by myself, I called.

I gave the go ahead to your technician to get into my expensive laptop on-line, after that I had a terrible time with clicking on any ads, there came an error, so I tried a restore to the last date but it did not fix the problem, so I did an undo restore and my screen came with just the back light, nothing more!?

I took it to the store where I bought the laptop just 15 months ago (outside of warranty), they tried to fix it but could not. 

Then I went to a big store to get fixed, they tried but were not successful.
However were able after opening it to save my documents on a thumb-drive, all that after $160.oo expenses and No Laptop! Back to my old slow one with windows Vista!

what's next Norton?



Re: Toolbar