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Norton Core Hot Issues & Hot Fixes

Some issues have been discovered with Norton Core that our engineering team is working to resolve. Below is a list of the Hot Issues that have been found for the latest Norton Core release. If you have comments or questions on the below items, you may wish to add them to the relevant threads that are linked at the end of each issue.


Error “unable to connect to cloud” - Update Dec 23 2017: resolved for most customers. For any customers still experiencing the issue, please try this potential workaround:

  1. Reboot your cable modem
  2. Then reboot your Core


  • Resolved slowness and loss of VOIP and Gaming connection with QoS Mode (added in Mobile App v1.20.2)
  • Resolved issue where Norton Core device was restarting (fixed in Firmware v191)
  • Fixed speed testing results to reflect more accurate speeds (fixed in Firmware v180)
  • Added ability to reserve an IP address for a device/allow static Ip address (added in Mobile App v1.18)
Tony Weiss | Norton Forums Global Community Manager | Symantec Corporation