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Can Norton Safe handle seperate accounts that use a common service ?

I am a Norton Security user.  I do not use their Identity Safe which is available to me under my subscription.  I am currently using a different software provider to handle login security.  Problem:   I have accounts at firm A and  firm B.  Recently both firms updated their customer interfaces.  They both  chose  to use a third party to handle their online accounts.  Both firms login url reflect each firms name but share a common endpoint url.  My current  login security software hiccupped badly. Could not decide which firm I wanted to login.  Turns out my software uses endpoint of url as unique in respect to username password retrieval.  I currently have a work around for this but do not like it!!  Can Norton Identity Safe handle a situation like this?

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Re: Can Norton Safe handle seperate accounts that use a common service ?

Your Norton IDS, as you have logged into each separate account will remember them separately in this manner. Norton will ask you with an information bar if you want to update the first login when the second is presented. What I do is name the logins separate by adding one for account A and the next with account B under the same institution.


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