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Norton Internet Security and Juniper Host Checker

I have posted this back in January:

This new version 22.12 was automatically installed via Live Update on my Lenovo Yoga  notebook with Windows 8.0

Again, for the third time in a couple of years, the Juniper Host Checker cannot recognize this new installation as a valid up to date antivirus tool.

What was the change that they are not aware of?

I had to go and get the latest virus definition install for 22.11 via the intelligent updater tool

Even since, I did not manage to use the Juniper software to connect to my office network with any Internet Security later release.

I need to daily download manually the Virus Definition file and every now and then, when an upgrade is done, I need to reinstall 22.11 (although I disabled all automatic upgrades).

It may have been the case that by the time Juniper was changed to support 22.12,  my desktop computer automatically upgraded to 22.14.  Where there any configuration changes in 22.14 too? 

Are there any other Juniper users with Norton Internet Security having the same problems?

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Re: Norton Internet Security and Juniper Host Checker

Hello Eli. From my research the issues you are seeing go way back at least to 2016. Where Juniper is not detecting antivirus software. This article as well as this article suggests Juniper itself is the issue and provides a possible workaround.


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Re: Norton Internet Security and Juniper Host Checker


You need to have Juniper get in touch with Symantec so that Juniper can update their checker to recognize version Norton comes out with new versions every so often and you have to notify Juniper so that they can get in touch with Symantec and mention that their program can update.

You can try Customer Support and perhaps they can notify Symantec to get in touch with Juniper, but from memory, it is Juniper and Symantec who have to get together..

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