Idea: Norton Password Generator shows QR Code

It would be so much safer and easier to use long complex passwords if the Norton Password Generator could display a qr code. 

Use case: 

I need to create a password when registering for a new web site on a public/work pc where I don't want to open my Norton Identity Safe

  1. Use password generator on the pc to generate 10 possible passwords.
  2. Select the one I want to use by pressing a new "Select button"
  3. This has the effect of
    1. copying it to the keyboard buffer so that I can paste it into the registration field, and
    2. displaying a qr code which I can scan with my mobile phone and copy the generated text into my norton vault

Even better would be if my norton vault supported qr codes directly so that I didn't need to use a different app.

This way I keep my norton vault passwords much more secure, as I don't need to access them on the public/work  pc.


PS: Couldn't figure how to use the create->idea button on this website. It doesn't appear to do anything at all, so I posted in forums instead.