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Is there, please, please, please, any chance of Norton Safe Search ever getting rid of That search engine is just the worst. Here's an example: You tell it to show you pictures and it shows you 4 pics and a TON of websites, not to mention spacing everything really badly on the computer screen.
I do realise you cannot possibly use google, but ANY search engine I've ever tested in the course of the past 20 years does a better job than Even bing, and I hate bing from the bottom of my heart. But there are many good ones around. How about duck duck go, e.g.? They do a MUCH better job than, and they are already devoted to keeping my data safe.
Because at the moment, with the results I get are so bad I frequently have to go and use google (or duck duck go or...), after all, because Norton Safe Search does not get the job done. And if that is the case, what use is it?
And besides, maybe such a change would also allow you to straighten out the language with firefox, because that sure is a bother, too. ;-)
Well, here's crossing fingers. :)



Re: Safe search

I share everything. And Norton could associate with a search engine that respects the privacy of the user: for example.

Re: Safe search

I seem to recall there also was one called "ghost" or some such, but I can't find it right now. Anyhow, many options out there. :)